• Fun on a 10 acre farm in Cedar (just 10 minutes from downtown Nanaimo)

  • Multiple outdoor play areas including a fully fenced, acre long run

  • Improved leash skills from pack walks

  • Supervised group play

  • Reinforcement of obedience commands and manners around people and dogs

  • Rest and relaxation time

  • Puppy massage (for those tense pups)

  • Lots of love and cuddles


We are happy to offer a pick-up and

drop-off service for all our dogs. These are our rates:


$7 / each way (up to 7 km)

$9 / each way (up to 10 km)

$10 / each way (up to 12 km)

For multi-dog households it is $3 for each additional pup

  • Pick-ups between 9:00-10:30 am and drop-offs between 3:30-5:00 pm.


  • We will sort out all the details when we book in your pup for pick-ups and drop-offs



Hourly rates (+GST):


Pay as you go:

$4.00 / hour


Multi-dog pricing:

2 + dogs: $3.50 each / hour 


Put $350 into your  dog's account to get the hourly rate of $3.50 / hour

*When you put money into your dog's account it can be used towards all things like pick-ups and drop-offs, daycare hours, products and tax*


We are open Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm


  • 9:00am - 10:30am

    • Puppy taxi pick-up from your home or you drop them off at BarePaws.


  • 10:30am - 2:30pm:

    • Dog time - time for socialization, playing, walking and relaxing. No pick-ups or drop-offs during this time.

  • 2:30pm - 5:00pm:

    • Puppy taxi drop-off to your home or you pick them up at BarePaws.

This is our daily schedule, so you can drop-off anytime up to 10:30am and pick-up any time after 2:30pm.


What can we say, we are proud islanders and we run on island time! We try our best to be flexible and  accommodating within these times for our clients, and sometimes we do things a little earlier, or a little later, depending on what the day has in store for us. Gotta go with the flow, right?




We accept all sizes and breeds, what matters most is their temperament and behaviour. In order to keep everyone safe and sound we have some requirements:


  • AGE: We accept dogs that are 10 months and older.

    • Puppies need to build up their immune system, learn to walk properly on a leash and be comfortable around other dogs before they can join the pack and really get the most out of this daycare. ​

  • TEMPERAMENT: Your dog must be friendly to other dogs and humans, must not have severe separation anxiety and be comfortable being by itself with other dogs.

    • We have worked on cases of separation anxiety and can definitely help with the basic issues, but if your dog cannot be without you it's best to work on that training before joining daycare. 

  • HEALTHY: Dogs should be in good health and do not suffer from joint issues as daycare could aggravate those issues.

  • SPAYED OR NEUTERED: We accept dogs that have been spayed or neutered.

    • We gave un-neutered​/spayed dogs a try and could see the energy difference in the pack. For everyone's safety they must be spayed/neutered.

  • VACCINES: Have received all their core vaccines including:

    • Distemper, ParvovirusHepatitis (Adenovirus-2)Rabies 

    • Bordetella (this is a cold/cough for dogs, and can be passed in multi-dog situations​​ but is not mandatory)

      • These are the core vaccines as recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Over-vaccinating is not healthy for your dog either, so the AAHA released this simplified strategy in 2006 after years of research supporting the conclusion that over-vaccinating contributes to decreased health in dogs.

  • FEEDING: Please feed your dog at least 1 hour before attending daycare.​​

    • This is to avoid the risk of bloat. Large and giant size breeds are especially at risk of this, always good to let dry kibble food digest for at least an hour.


We ask that our clients stay on top of parasite control of fleas, worms, ticks, etc. We will check the dogs regularly, inform you of anything we notice and recommend different methods of taking care of parasites from holistic remedies to prescribed medication.


There are always some basic risks with having your dog in a multi-dog situation like a daycare or a dog park. Illness can be passed from one dog to another, so it is always best to protect your dog with core vaccines, maintain a healthy diet and help build their immune system. There is a possibility of fleas and other parasites being transferred from one dog to another, that is why we ask each owner to take responsibility for their dog and take action to prevent parasites of any kind. Accidents and injuries can happen as dogs tend to play rough, there is always lots of racing and playing, so scrapes, cuts, sprains and other injuries can occur. Although accidents can happen, we want nothing more than to keep your dog happy and healthy, so we will do everything we can to maintain the best environment possible for them. When your dog is at BarePaws, they are a part of our pack, and we will love them as part of the family!


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