The BarePaws Difference


BarePaws is different than most dog daycares. Our concept is to bring dogs back to nature, work in harmony with it, and through this we help bring balance to these animals living in our busy world. We understand that dogs are social beings, filled with intelligence, curiosity, forgiveness and love, and we treat them with the respect they deserve. Through lots of socialization, exercise and training we aim to create calm, happy pups for you to enjoy.


A normal day at BarePaws starts with off-leash play allowing the dogs the ability to let loose in our two fully fenced in runs, release energy and do what ever it is they love most. In the Play Zone the dogs have an acre long run to race around and explore all our custom made tunnels and ramps. In the Chill Zone they practice calm pack behaviour, proper manners towards other dogs and humans, and we do some basic training with positive reinforcements. Our dogs are always getting one-on-one attention, as we work with them we learn what they love and what motivates them, and we have a blast doing it!


Play Zone


Our acre long run is where epic chases take place and lots of good ol' fashioned playing. The dogs are constantly supervised and are free to do their favourite activity. With tunnels and ramps to explore, trees to sniff and pups to play with, every dog has an awesome time. 


Chill Zone


This is where you come to drop-off and pick-up your pooch. When they first arrive there is lots of time for play and socialization, as they are all so excited to be here. In the afternoon they are ready to chill, with both indoor and outdoor areas for resting the dogs have the chance to relax and calmly get to know each other, so they can bond as a pack. This helps balance all the fun and excitement that comes from their play time.


Leash Walks 


We always leash up our pups to move them around the dog farm, and this is our time to practice disciplined walking techniques - we do not allow them to pull excessively, drag or lead. We all walk in line together as a pack. This helps us to reinforce those good walking behaviours while building a bond with each pup.



When husband and wife team, Will and Haley, started this business, it was a dream realized. They both have a great love and understanding of dogs and wanted to create a sanctuary where dogs could be free to do what they love to do. After working in Vancouver and not being able to find a place where they would want their dog (a beautiful mutt named Chilie) to go and spend her days, they decided to move back to their home town and build something truly special on their acreage in Cedar. 

We know that dogs have been ‘man’s best friend’ for over 10,000 years, and have an evolution so intertwined with ours that they can read our most subtle facial expressions and body language. At BarePaws we focus on listening to our dogs and understanding their needs in order to help them overcome unwanted behaviour issues. The communication and trust that is developed lays a great foundation for training of all types.  

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